Rewarding Responses – Resident Reward Schemes

Some Tracker users operate resident reward schemes to incentivise participation in a range of activities based on a variety of criteria. The general view however is that the quality, and the resulting impact of participation, is of far greater importance than quantity. The best incentive for residents is for them to see real value from participation in an initiative or their adoption of new ways of working, rather than being incentivised and rewarded to take part, or to change their behaviour.

Tracker Workshops

A key bonus to being a Tracker user is automatic inclusion in the Tracker Network which provides access to a wide variety of support initiatives and networking opportunities. Events and training sessions are held throughout the year and ‘Social Return on Investment (SROI)’ is the latest Tracker workshop theme to have been developed.  Scheduled to take place on Friday 01 March at Watford Community Housing Trust, SROI is now the standard methodology for evaluating activities and programmes with a social impact.

Tracker now the most widely used sector software

With so much emphasis now being placed on delivering effective Resident Involvement and Customer Feedback across the entire social housing sector, Tracker has become the software package of choice to deliver and record initiatives.

Tracker SROI Workshop

‘Social Return on Investment’ (SROI) is now the standard methodology for evaluating activities and programmes with a social impact:

Tracker Benchmark Report on Satisfaction Surveys

The latest Tracker Benchmark Report on Satisfaction Surveys is now available. This examines the impact that survey methodology, type of survey and size of questionnaire have on response rates and satisfaction levels in satisfaction surveys within the social housing sector:

Hidden Gem

New functionality is always welcome but many of the core features already included within Tracker prove invaluable to existing users.  However many don’t fully appreciate the power Tracker can provide and still need to unlock the potential benefits that can be gained from them. So we thought we’d share with you a particular feature that a user finds invaluable.  This month it is …