Last Updated on June 27, 2013
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Focussing on individuals who respond to a survey saying that they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied will really drive an improvement in services – as the changes needed to shift a neutral customer are often quite simple when you know them.

According to Theresa Hughes, following some simple rules should result in a significant shift in the overall number of satisfied respondents – and this was the theme of her presentation at the recent Arena Tracker Network Conference. An independent consultant specialising in customer service and performance, Theresa has a real passion for helping teams understand their performance data, their customer feedback and surveys, to enable them to spot the opportunities to drive change.

“It’s all about identifying and achieving simple wins that will significantly help move the overall positive averages up,” explained Theresa, “and this can be done by:

  • Looking for themes within your response data
  • Using statistical analysis to identify the key drivers of performance – those issues which have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction
  • Making sure you identify a small number of targets and focus on getting them included in existing operational plans – those are more likely to work that a separate plan to ‘improve service’.”

Several case studies have been done using this approach: identifying the issues that need tackling; and then focusing on a small number of them and consequently driving improvements in performance. For more information, assistance or to discuss this further please contact the Support Team on 01603 813932 or drop them email

Theresa also regularly runs workshops with staff and tenants to help develop their skills in working with performance management information, customer satisfaction data and tenant participation feedback. For more information visit