Last Updated on July 11, 2013
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Kings House Conference Centre in Manchester was the new venue selected this year for the Arena Tracker Network Conference which took place on the 23rd May. More than 40 of the UK’s leading social housing providers from across the country were represented and all were keen to hear about how housing providers are adapting, within the political, economic and social environment in which they function, to meet the changing needs of residents and also what users see as priorities.

In addition to focussing on key satisfaction drivers that steer an improvement strategy, other key sessions and themes included: profiling residents and households for targeted delivery of services; the changing requirements for communicating with residents in their preferred way; and then the best ways of measuring, against individual clients, the impact of the various support programmes delivered. These were also covered in the context of using the return on social investment to evaluate and compare activities and the best way to design feedback programmes to achieve greater insight, at lower cost and with happier residents including the increasing use of ‘Net Promoter Scores’ as the ultimate performance measure.

During the day a series of informative workshops and presentations were freely available with Network Members selecting and attending the ones that best addressed their current and future requirements. Practical and informative case studies were used to illustrate best practice within social housing and show the impact of professionally conceived and delivered resident participation, feedback and support programmes.

There was a wealth of information imparted during the day, and far too much to include here (you really needed to have attended the event) but why not call the Arena Tracker Support Team on 01603 813932 as they would be delighted to talk through some of the more relevant key points and focus on solutions that should meet your particular needs.