Last Updated on June 28, 2013
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With vast amounts of valuable information in their computer systems, it was widely agreed by all the delegates who attended the recent TPTracker Network Conference, that harnessing the power that is contained within customer databases is key to the successful implementation and reporting of many of the initiatives being delivered.

Accessing this information will also deliver real value and help transform businesses and the ‘Seven Keys’ to successfully achieving this comprise:

  1. Give front line staff easy access to customer data: This means being able to log in from anywhere, look up records quickly, use simple on-screen analysis tools and obtain clear, relevant reports. Much of the technical development over the past 12-months of existing platforms has been to implement and simplify data input and retrieval on mobile platforms.
  2. Focus available data on those things which matter most: Personal profiles, preferences and engagement histories; statistical analysis of feedback; programme inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact evaluations.
  3. Use profiling to help predict customers’ behaviour and needs: Diversity data is of limited use and standard household classifications may help, but you need to identify your own key drivers.
  4. Target communications using customers’ preferred methods of contact: This can save money and resources, avoid irritating your contacts and achieve a more effective response.
  5. Target service delivery based on your customers’ needs: Can focus limited resources on where they will have the greatest impact.
  6. Evaluate customer feedback: Gives valuable insight, demonstrates ‘listening’, and can (must) be used to determine priorities, measure progress and report back to stakeholders.
  7. Monitor support and other service interventions at personal and programme levels: Essential for managing effectively, assessing the impact and evaluating the return.

Over the past few years an ever increasing number of organisations have come to depend on the power of TPTracker Software to access, manipulate and effectively track their customer engagement initiatives. New modules and functionality are regularly being made available, with the integration of mobile solutions being one of the most recent and extremely popular implementations.

So, for information on how to secure and harness the power of this software suite contact Alan Marshall or the Support Team on 01603 813932.