Last Updated on November 29, 2013
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As part of our recent Tracker client’s research programme, designed to help us understand the priorities and challenges within the social housing sector, we also asked for feedback on the software and services available from Arena Partnership and here are a few of the key comments received back:

  • Tracker users found significant benefits if they use the system effectively and most said they find the system “easy to use”, for example; “It makes it a lot easier and less time consuming to find a list of residents with the same interest and recruit them for a course/ event.”
  • Some users are not getting the most out of their Tracker software due to either a lack of time or staff skills. Some said “I have to admit that it is probably my own lack of knowledge.”
  • Others are using it very effectively. One client said 33 services were changed as a result of feedback last year. Another said; “We have used it very effectively to identify residents who would benefit from new services or from signposting to other agencies.”
  • Users want to see improved reporting functionality, speed of access and fewer system errors in the future. We will work on this as we develop your new system, and modify the existing one.