We have a very simple approach to our business – LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER!


So we aim to do three things really well:

1. Understand what you need

This means getting to know you and your business needs, so we can tailor a solution that really works for you.

2. Make it easy for you

We work tirelessly to ensure your software is really easy for you to access and use.

3. Be there when you need us

Our goal is ensuring what we do makes a real impact on your efficiency and effectiveness.


The core team is focused on caring for our family of TPTracker users:

Team Pic - SandySandy takes the lead on caring for our TPTracker users, offering best practice advice and supervising the front line Support Team. She is also our expert on everything to do with surveys and is a Member of the Market Research Society.

Team Pic - TaylaMel helps Sandy to run the Support Desk but her key role is to conduct telephone surveys on behalf of our clients. 

Team Pic - JamieJamie heads up our new business activities, which means keeping up with the changing needs of our existing TPTracker users, identifying new markets and pursuing development opportunities.

Team Pic - AlanAlan founded Arena Partnership and designed the original version of TPTracker. He now focusses on new product development, marketing and business development.


We started in 2003, helping organisations to make new contacts and improve the quality of their engagement with them.

One Social Housing Provider we were working with couldn’t find any suitable database software to store their records, so we offered to design and build exactly what they needed, even though we had no idea where to start. That was 2004 and without meaning to, we had just turned into an IT company!

The software worked and very quickly we were approached by other Social Housing providers, so we called it TPTracker (Why? See or quiz below) and stopped doing everything else to concentrate on this one product. Now TPTracker software is used by social housing providers right across the UK.

And we didn’t stop there…

At the request of our customers we later added a survey toolkit to TPTracker and before long became experts ourselves in this field: we now know all about ‘multi-channel methodologies’, ‘Statistical reliability’, ‘Confidence intervals’… Real geeks!

Many of our customers deliver services and support programmes to their clients, so we’ve also added functionality to TPTracker for this, including a social valuation toolkit and other options… We just can’t stop ourselves looking for new ways to help!

Now we work with a wide range of organisations. Our expanded range of software is widely available for use by commercial businesses, not-for-profit organisations and charities, social enterprises, or any organisation that needs a contact management system which is quick to set up, easy to use and will grow with them as their size and needs develop.


We are based in Norfolk but we cover the whole of the UK. We recently moved to a brand-new office in Norwich and had fun clearing out all the accumulated rubbish and choosing new furniture.

Our NAME - A quick Quiz

So what does the ‘TP’ in TPTracker stand for?


a. Tom Parkinson – the customer who asked us to find him some software back in 2003?

b. Tenant Participation – what the software was originally developed for?

c. Total Picnic – how easy it is to use the software?

d. The Profiling – isn’t that what it does?

Does it really matter? Send us your suggestions and make us all laugh!


For more information about how TPTracker software and our Support Team could help you, 
please call us on 08456 432 872 or use the contact form below.
"The customer service from Arena Partnership has been exemplary. We have been kept informed at every stage of the implementation process. The training provided was very thorough and comprehensive."
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