New survey dashboard in TPTracker

A new widget has been added to the TPTracker Survey Dashboard which gives users the flexibility to choose the questions/questionnaires they wish to display:

Improved security for TPTracker Emails

The TPTracker integral emailing system allows users to send messages direct from TPTracker, selecting recipients from the main database or from a list of participants for a specific activity such as 'Members of the Scrutiny Panel'.

Automated Survey Alerts

Tracker has a new survey feature to help when you need to react quickly to a tenant’s survey response.

New Online Surveys option

Tracker already offers a range of survey methodologies for you to use in any combination:
• SMS/Text surveys
• Postal surveys
• Telephone surveys
• Face to Face surveys
Now you can give your tenants the additional option of completing online surveys.

A light-touch approach to social value

Arena Partnership’s Alan Marshall has had many conversations with community teams over recent months and found a common view about evaluating the social impact of support and regeneration programmes.

Alan signing contract with Red Kite

News Tracker: 03 Dec 2015

Red Kite wants more feedback and quicker
Red Kite Community Housing is adopting a new approach to gathering customer feedback and has signed a two-year deal with Arena Partnership to help deliver it.
[caption id="attachment_1878" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Neil Venables of Red Kite and Alan Marshall of Arena         signing a two-year partnership agreement[/caption]

Balloons on the moon

News Tracker: 13 Nov 2015

Why the #ManOnTheMoon advert is relevant to social housing landlords
John Lewis released their eagerly awaited Christmas advert last week, once again taking social media by storm, clocking up an impressive 23,000 online mentions in just two hours (Mail Online). The advert tells the story of a young girl called Lily who brings Christmas joy to a lonely old man living on the moon by finally being able to send him a gift from earth. The advert will undoubtedly be a success for the retail giant however how well will the underlying message be listened to?

Text message

Effective SMS text messaging

SMS text messages are regularly used by GP’s, dentists and hairdressers to reduced missed appointments etc. SMS messages can also have positive applications in the social housing sector. Although it is common place for many housing providers to send repairs appointment confirmations via texts, further more innovative uses of text messaging in social housing are less widespread.

Tracking Support and Intervention Programmes

Two Network Members are starting trials of one of the latest developments within the Tracker Suite; the facility for tracking programmes of intervention and support for residents.  Accord’s Add Ventures team is using the new ‘Programme Tracker’ module to manage its employment and skills support programme: tracking individual intervention journeys for clients and evaluating overall impact. This includes profiling the specific needs of each client, monitoring their personal support programme, tracking their progress with a series of feedback questionnaires and star evaluations, and then evaluating the overall impact achieved.