Last Updated on April 5, 2016
Category: All, Business, Charities, Social Housing

Email menu imageThe TPTracker integral emailing system allows users to send messages direct from TPTracker, selecting recipients from the main database or from a list of participants for a specific activity such as ‘Members of the Scrutiny Panel’.

A recent security upgrade means that messages going out from TPTracker now are truly sent from the user’s own domain name.

This means all messages now go out from (e.g.) and not from ‘ on behalf of ABC’. This change means that when messages are received it will be less likely that they are highlighted by spam filters.

To implement this, each user must authorise TPTracker to send messages using their domain name but we have made the process very easy to set up; if you are a TPTracker user, just call us on 08456 432872.

The security upgrade affects all emails sent from TPTracker, including those inviting recipients to take part in an online survey or alert messages

Another example of how TPTracker is continually upgrading and developing in response to the needs of our users.