Last Updated on December 4, 2015
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Red Kite wants more feedback and quicker

Red Kite Community Housing is adopting a new approach to gathering customer feedback and has signed a two-year deal with Arena Partnership to help deliver it.

Neil Venables and Alan Marshall
Neil Venables of Red Kite and Alan Marshall of Arena         signing a two-year partnership agreement

Until now, their main method of ascertaining customer satisfaction has been through a monthly round of postal surveys which asked a random sample of tenants a set of standard, general questions about their perceptions of Red Kite’s service.

Helen Anderson, Head of Innovation at Red Kite says,

“Our experience of this approach is that response rates can be low and it is also not suited to building a week-by-week picture of how our services are perceived. We need to be more agile in delivering business improvement.”

So they are now moving to a system of asking customers for their views on a service just after they have received it and using the contact method which is most convenient for them. This will include:

  • An online survey portal accessed links sent out by text or email
  • Automated alerts so staff can respond within minutes if a survey respondent requests a call
  • Using tenant preferences to automatically selected survey methods: Post, Phone, Email or SMS
  • Collecting and analysing unsolicited feedback received via SMS or the online portal

Find out more about how Arena’s TP Tracker web-based software is being developed to enable Red Kite to deliver surveys in this agile way, read the full case study here.