Last Updated on January 23, 2013
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A key bonus to being a Tracker user is automatic inclusion in the Tracker Network which provides access to a wide variety of support initiatives and networking opportunities. Events and training sessions are held throughout the year and ‘Social Return on Investment (SROI)’ is the latest Tracker workshop theme to have been developed.  Scheduled to take place on Friday 01 March at Watford Community Housing Trust, SROI is now the standard methodology for evaluating activities and programmes with a social impact.

There is already a considerable body of literature and advice on the SROI review process which primarily helps in understanding the impact on stakeholders and measuring the social and environmental value of that impact. SROI also seeks to attribute soft outcomes with a monetary value; help in the identification of opportunities to improve performance; support future resource-allocation decisions; plus can help build the argument to attract future investment and sustainability.

This Tracker workshop has therefore been specifically designed to provide a practical guide to SROI and enable delegates to gain a better overall understanding.  It starts by analysing which programmes or activities are best suited to the process and then looks at what resources are required to conduct an SROI evaluation; what training and expertise is needed; and which methodologies are best used.

Gathering feedback from stakeholders; the roles of surveys, focus groups, one-to-one interviews or other methodologies; and how the collected data evaluated are also covered and the workshop then addresses several key questions including: What standard values are available for converting measured outputs into quantified outcomes?; Could CR Tracker be developed to record and benchmark such values?; Do SROI evaluations add value to the organisation?; And how are they used to make a difference?

We plan to provide a full report on this Workshop in our next eNewsletter but in the meantime should you have any queries then please contact us by email at or call 01603 813932.