Last Updated on May 11, 2015
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Tracker on Ipad

Using software to enhance mobile working is a hot topic right now and is coming up on many housing conference agendas.  For example:  The Housing Technology In-depth 2015 mobile working and collaboration conference discussed this in detail last month.

Some of the ideas that were discussed included: how the rise of digital technology is influencing the way we work and how technology can help us to work in more efficient, smarter, cost effective ways. Also how cultural shifts such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work and even WYOD (Wear Your Own Device) are bringing opportunities and challenges to the working environment.

What our Tracker Software already does

Our resident engagement software has been designed to enable resident engagement teams to:

  1. Easily record and track resident engagement activities – allowing recording of: the number of events or activities, who got involved, what the inputted resources were and the outcomes of the engagements.
  2. Utilise communication and profiling tools – allowing: targeted communications and an understanding of the demographics of tenants.
  3. Understand the data using analysis tools– allowing: tracking of KPI’s, demonstration of Value for Money and insight into where strategies need to be adapted and refined.

How to use Tracker effectively ‘in the field’

Tracker software has predominately been used by housing teams whilst ‘in the office’. However as Wi-Fi coverage is improving and will continue to do so, the opportunities for using the software in the field open up.

Arena Partnership has therefore responded to this changing environment and is working very hard to ensure Tracker Software provides a optimal experience ‘on the go’ as well as in the office. Tracker is web-based software and can be accessed anywhere with a good internet connection. Its responsive design automatically resizes to fit the screen of the device being used, opening up numerous opportunities to use the software ‘in the field’.

Some ways in which engagement teams could capitalise on this include:

  • Using the secure web access to their tenant database on the go. For example, accessing a resident telephone number or address.
  • Ability to perform admin tasks whilst at an engagement event e.g. recording who attended, costs and outcomes etc.
  • Ability to send event reminders just before or whilst they are at an event. For example, sending reminder texts or emails if certain residents haven’t turned up on the day.
  • Ability to perform face to face surveys in the field to get valuable feedback on services etc.
  • Ability to update editable fields in their tenant database e.g. communication preferences, welfare info, availability of broadband at their property etc.
  • Reduce the need for large amounts of paperwork by storing all relevant information electronically and securely in the database.

Best Practice Tips

  1. As with using Tracker in the office, follow data security protocols. Do not inform anyone of your individual secure password and passphrase. Do not leave the webpage open and unattended and make sure you log off properly.
  2. Tracker software works on any device as it resizes to fit the screen. If you are just performing a simple task such as finding a phone number etc, then using a mobile would work fine. If however a more complex task is being performed a tablet size or laptop would give a more optimal user experience as you will want to look at multiple areas at the same time.

Have you used the Tracker software in the field? Has it helped you work more effectively? We would love to hear real-life case studies from our customers. If you have a case study you would like to share please email: