Last Updated on July 1, 2017
Category: All, Business, Charities, Social Housing

The changes included in the second phase of the 2017 TPTracker Upgrade are aimed at further improving navigation and ease of use.

Version 2017.2 User Guide


TPTracker offers a wide range of options which you can choose to use, or not, depending on your own organisation’s needs.

If you don’t use something, it may be distracting to have it still showing on your screens so we are now able to hide not only complete modules but also some of the individual tabs:

People > View > (Person) > Alternative contact

This tab is available if you wish to record the details of a personal advocate to whom all communication should be directed. TPTracker automatically redirects communications to the advocate if there any details entered here.

Hiding this tab will mean these fields do not appear in export files throughout TPTracker.

People > View > (Person) > Profile > Diversity

This can be hidden, although all existing customers are currently using this tab for profiling the people in their database. You can also add many additional custom profiling fields if you wish.

People > View > (Person) > Profile > Economic status/Benefits

It is always a challenge to keep any data here up to date, so this tab may not be in use. You can hide it to remove it from your screens and remove the fields from export files.

People > View > (Person) > Profile > Contact preferences

You will now only see ‘Communication preferences’ if you have the Communications module and you will only see ‘Survey preferences’ if you have the Feedback module. If you don’t have either module active in your TPTracker then this tab will not appear.

People > View > (Person) > Activities

You will now only see this tab if you have the Participation module or the Feedback module.

People > View > (Person) > Communications

You will now only see this tab if you have the Communication module or the Feedback module, unless you have requested it to be turned on so you can create manual records here that are not linked to either of the modules.


The ‘Profiles & Reports’ section will allow you to use ANY of the fields showing in personal records to filter and refine the data sets you want to profile or download.

Any fields which have been hidden in personal records will be removed from this section as well, keeping it simple for you to navigate.

We have also added a new ‘Export list’ button at the bottom of the first screen, making it even quicker and easier to download your search results.


We will be in touch with all existing TPTracker users to see if we can help them:

(a) Consider whether they should hide any unused parts of TPTracker;

(b) Review all their data and see whether adding, amending or relocating any fields may be helpful, including all the new Custom Personal Details fields now available after the previous upgrade;

(c) Make sure they have all the support they need to get the very best value from their TPTracker.

Version 2017.3 is now being planned for release later in the year, with yet more improvements to make TPTracker even easier and more useful – watch this space.