Last Updated on September 8, 2014
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alt="community support"The best approach to targeting support for neighbourhoods and communities is the headline theme of the second workshop in Arena’s popular autumn series.

Taking place at Midland Heart in Birmingham on the 18th November the workshop will focus on their ‘Enhanced Neighbourhoods’ approach to tackling issues in specific estates. It will showcase how they are working more effectively across departments within their organisation and with outside agencies to achieve greater community gains–this insight should enable other social housing professionals to better understand and implement similar initiatives.

With the introduction of the Social Value Act (2012), community support programmes now need to clearly demonstrate the positive impact they have on the social and economic status of the communities they serve. It is no longer sufficient to report on how programmes being implemented deliver value for money simply in terms of finance benefits alone.

Professor Richard Tomlins has conducted considerable research and consultancy in this area and will be presenting some of his key findings and insights at the workshop including tailoring and targeting interventions to specific groups. Another topic for discussion is how the TP Tracker support module or Support Tracker can help quantify social value, by providing the measurement and evaluation tools needed.

Customer segmentation also features prominently in the planned workshop programme as tenants are increasingly being seen by a growing number of organisations as customers and consumers of a service as opposed to just being passive receivers.

Finally housing associations can, by using the data they have already captured about their tenants, better target services and so better meet the specific demographics of their customer base, rather than taking a more generic approach.

For further information on this event which is open to all interested social housing professionals please click here

To book your place; please email or contact Arena Partnership by calling 01603 813932.