TPTracker for business

Software for your Customer Contact team

TPTracker helps businesses to manage your contacts and communicate with GDPR compliance.

Is your contact management system not giving you what you need, costing too much and can’t adapt as your business moves forward? Or do you use spreadsheets and want to move on to something better?

Then TPTracker is for you.

Key Features

What is TPTracker for BUSINESS?

TPTracker is a cloud-based contact management software service which enables you to manage your database of contacts.

TPTracker software has been in use since 2003 and is recognised for its ease of use, very clear and simple navigation and great flexibility to adapt to your own specific needs.

How will it benefit me?

You will have just one central database of all your contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, staff and other contacts) at the heart of your TPTracker software package.

All your team’s different records will be linked to this one database: Contacts, Profiles, Communications and History giving you a ‘Single source of data’.

Clear navigation with easy indexing and look-ups will allow you and your team to quickly find, interpret and share all the information you need:

SPEED: Look up contacts

Instant access to the contact details and background profiles of specific contacts.

INFORMATION: Track clients

Follow the history of your communications and activities with each of your contacts.

EFFICIENCY: Communicate quickly

Use TPTracker to send emails, texts or mailings to individuals or groups and automatically record the outcomes.

INSIGHT: Profile individuals or groups

Gain insight into your customer base to develop winning strategies.

COMPLIANCE: Store data securely

An easy way to ensure you manage your data in full compliance with GDPR rules


Are there any upfront costs?

“No”. We will listen to you, put together a package to meet your needs, format and upload your existing data for you and train you to get started. All you pay is a licence fee to use it. We like to keep things simple!

How many people can use it?

Our most popular feature is that YOU control who has access to your TPTracker system. You pay for a single licence per organisation and can have as many users as you need.

Many of our competitors charge a licence fee per user, but with TPTracker you can rest assured that as your team grows, your costs won’t keep escalating up.

Can I talk to a real person?

And our second most popular feature is that we are real people on the end of a phone and we will set up your TPTracker system for you and give you advice and training on how to get the best out of it. There are no bots here!

How secure is my data?

TPTracker is protected with very high levels of security, so while your system remains easy to access, your data stays safe. You control the access to it by authorised users only. And we guarantee that everything is hosted on servers which are on the UK mainland, to comply with data protection requirements.

Licence Fees

TPTracker is web-based software, which means you do not have to install anything on your hardware, just use any browser to access it securely. You can use any device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – anywhere where you have internet access.

We charge a licence fee which covers your whole organisation, with no limit to the number of users; you control who has access to TPTracker and what they can see or do. Your licence fee will be determined by:

(a) the database storage capacity you will need and (b) the package you choose.


You can add this option at any time, for managing multi-channel surveys (post, phone, SMS/Text, online or face to face) to gather and interpret your customers’ feedback. [See the ‘DIY Survey Toolkit’ page for details of all that’s included]

Getting you started


Firstly, we want to get to know you so we really understand what you need, so we will come and spend a half day with you and your team, listening to what you want and sharing ideas with you. There will be no charge for this visit.

This will mean we can set your TPTracker solution up for you in the best possible way, load your initial database for you and then offer the best possible advice about using it all.

You could then start to use TPTracker, learning as you go from the in-built ‘how to’ guides; it is really easy to find your way around. The Support Team is always there to help you when you need it.


However, we do recommend some on-site training, especially for larger organisations where different teams will be using different features and the database is linked to your own housing management system for regular updates. In this case, we usually recommend the following:

Half a day to check the automatic updating is set up and working, that you have all the fields you need in your database and that your local TPTracker administrator knows how to manage security settings and user access.

One day (usually following the above half day) to train up to 12 users. If you have a lot of users, this could be used to ‘train the trainers’ so you can take things forward yourself, or we can add in extra days to train your teams for you, if you prefer.

Half a day extra if you have added the Customer Surveys option, to train the team members who will be creating questionnaires and managing feedback campaigns.


£850 + VAT per day or £550 + VAT per half day, fully inclusive of all our expenses.

Continuing to support you

Your licence fee gives you free access to the TPTracker Support Team during normal office hours: that’s 9 to 5 on Mondays to Thursdays and 9 to 4 on Fridays, excluding Bank Holidays.

We are contactable by phone or email. Our team is solely there to support users of TPTracker so they all have a good knowledge of best practice in the sector which they are happy to share.

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Downloads for more information

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Arranging a demo

So if you think TPTracker may be able to help you and your teams, give us a call and we will arrange a visit to listen to what you need, suggest the options for you and give your team a demonstration.
Just pick up the phone or email us:
08456 432 872 or

Request more information

"Safely obtaining and storing personal data is an extensive part of our business. It was very important to find a service provider that could meet our growing demands and I was very impressed with the flexible and committed approach to tailoring their system in line with my requirements."
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