Last Updated on January 25, 2013
Category: All, Customer Engagement, Social Housing

Some Tracker users operate resident reward schemes to incentivise participation in a range of activities based on a variety of criteria. The general view however is that the quality, and the resulting impact of participation, is of far greater importance than quantity. The best incentive for residents is for them to see real value from participation in an initiative or their adoption of new ways of working, rather than being incentivised and rewarded to take part, or to change their behaviour.

However if any Tracker users need to attribute ‘Participation Points’ to various tasks or initiatives, then the existing software already includes an automatic function to create and manage this and could be used as part of a resident rewards management scheme. It can quantify different types of engagement as they are recorded and these are then used to drive the graphs, tables and analyses within Tracker. The data can also be filtered to look at individual residents, different profiling groups or participation programmes.

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