“TPTracker has enabled Melin to collect statistically reliable feedback about its services. The system is easy to use and ensures we can manage survey fatigue whilst generating high quality customer feedback data.”

Daniel Lewis, Performance and Business Intelligence Manager, Melin Homes
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TPTracker Survey has helped Melin Homes transform the quality of its feedback data while reducing costs and improving performance. 

What services do Melin Homes offer?

As one of the major housing associations in south Wales, Melin Homes owns and manages over 4,000 homes across the region. Their mission is to make a positive impact on neighbourhoods by providing high-quality homes to those who need it.

How has TPTracker helped?

Costs reduced by 40%
Increased response rates to 30%
Data representative of tenant population
Automated data processing reduces resources required
Quick and responsive processes for real-time data analysis

The challenge


Melin was gathering feedback about the services it provided by conducting postal surveys: one large, annual, general satisfaction survey sent to a sample of residents and three service satisfaction surveys (repairs, gas servicing and antisocial behaviour cases) sent to all service users. 


This was costly, had a large carbon footprint, generated a poor response, was slow to process and analyse and created massive survey-fatigue issues. And the information gained could not be relied on to represent the views of its residents.

The solution


By adopting TPTracker Survey cloud-based software, Melin can now conduct surveys using SMS and on line via SMS links as well as postal methodologies. Survey operations are now largely automated and analysis is generated instantly on screen. Sampling and survey-fatigue are also controlled by TPTracker.

The results – better information, less resource and lower cost


Surveys are now more carefully targeted and cover a wider range of services. The data obtained is statistically reliable and trusted by the management team. This means it can now be used to identify and tackle issues quickly leading to improvements in performance. 


The cost and carbon footprint of surveys have been dramatically reduced, less resource is needed to manage and analyse them but, most importantly, the information generated is now of real value to Melin Homes.

Continuous improvement


Now the system has been proven and the data validated, next steps include testing other survey methods such as on line via emailed links and telephone.

Questionnaire designs are being reviewed to apply ‘Nudge Theory’ and gain deeper insight, without adding complexity for respondents. Drilling down into responses rather than just focusing on headline results, should generate a deeper understanding and more effective use of the data obtained.

“Having feedback from our customers and being able to tailor our services to them based on what they say is very important to us. TPTracker has vastly improved the amount of feedback that we get, allowing us to deliver any service improvements quickly and efficiently. TPTracker has enabled us to give our residents the best possible service that’s highly responsive to their needs.”

Paula Kennedy, Chief Executive, Melin Homes

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