“By using TPTracker we are able to keep all information and client documents in one place and access them remotely, allowing the team to work more effectively.  TPTracker is invaluable to our team.”

Gail Hodds, Service Manager – Anchorage
The Benjamin Foundation - Anchorage

We interviewed Gail Hodds, Service Manager for Anchorage to find out why she chose TPTracker and how she has found using the software. 

What service does Anchorage provide?

Anchorage is one of the Benjamin Foundation’s housing services for young people in Great Yarmouth and North Suffolk. 

We support young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 in shared accommodation and provide them with a stable home and the skills they need to forge an independent life. 

Once a young person has moved into one of our houses, they are supported with their tenancy, finding work and personal development to move them closer to independence.

What challenges did Anchorage experience which necessitated a change?


Our staff work different hours and times throughout the week.  We were recording some information on paper files.  This meant that all of our staff would need to email or phone the office or physically go to the office to review or record certain information.

How did our team help with implementation?


It was a really simple and easy process.  We gave relevant information on a spreadsheet to Jamie at The Arena Partnership and when we next checked TPTracker all of this information was in there, exactly as required, ready for us to use.

How has TPTracker helped Anchorage since its implementation?


Previously if we were working from home and needed to know what was going on we would have to go into the office.  Now we simply login to TPTracker.


We can record information about the properties as well as the people to keep on top of maintenance.  For recording case notes TPTracker is invaluable to us, and we use it daily.  We record all communication with our tenants in TPTracker.  This is especially important where if we have concerns with our residents that we can make notes and record information where it easily accessible when needed. We upload all documents, license agreements and everything signed by our tenants to TPTracker which means that we are now paper free.

Has TPTracker saved money and/or increased productivity?


TPTracker has saved us time as we can easily find the information we need by accessing the website and doing simple searches and looking through the quickviews, rather than having to open up documents to review conversations or to check what has been carried out.  We can record all of our notes and communications without having to email, call or visit the office.

How would you sum up your experience using TPTracker?


On our small scale and the work that we do, TPTracker is brilliant and we’re so grateful for the system and recommend it to other people and organisations.

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