Last Updated on September 8, 2014
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alt="resident feedack survey"A variety of methodologies are currently used to perform tenant surveys and gain resident feedback. While the use of postal surveys continues to be the most popular method for performing STAR surveys (Star Benchmarking Service 2014), a number of other methodologies for example telephone surveys are now becoming increasingly popular and are seeing a rise in delivery.

Although ‘post’ is still the most commonly used survey method, it is rarely top of the list when tenants are asked how they would communicate back to their landlord. This means making a wider range of response options available. Telephone is now a popular option for a lot of tenants and other methods which are mindful of the groups they are targeting are also increasing. Tenants with visual or communication difficulties may prefer face to face surveying. This method is now increasingly used in the supported living sector. It is also recognised that in order to ‘top up’ samples and increase the likelihood of younger residents responding, e-surveys and text-surveys can be a useful addition.

So is there now a need to use multiple methodologies in combination to obtain a fully representative response? Would you be able to achieve higher response rates and greater satisfaction scores if tenant preferences were really adhered to?

These and other questions will be discussed at the Tracker Network Survey workshop on the 10th September 2014 which looks set to be a very interesting and engaging day.  At this workshop Rooftop Housing will also be showcasing the achievements of Apt Quest, their team of trained residents who now conduct all their surveys by telephone. This has resulted in increased satisfaction rates, cost savings, and faster identification and resolution of issues. A summary of the day will be coming soon.

A full case study on Apt Quest at Rooftop Housing is available by clicking here,  Also if you want more information on how Apt Quest has partnered with Arena to offer out its telephone surveying service to other housing associations and customers using Tracker Software, please click here or call us on 01603 813932 for a quote.