Last Updated on September 8, 2014
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2014 has already proved to be an exciting year for Arena Partnership and its partners. Not only have we released a completely new, intuitive and easy to implement version of TP Tracker (v.2014) with exciting new features and a completely new look and feel; we have also added three new and exciting products to the existing range to better meet and respond to customer demand.

TP Tracker Lite is now available for smaller landlords with up to 3000 homes and is a simpler more stripped down version of the main TP Tracker software. Smaller Housing Associations have a considerable role to play in the national delivery and provision of affordable homes. They also need to fulfil HCA criteria and work as efficiently as possible. So like their bigger counterparts they can now also benefit from a powerful and versatile Tracker software solution.

Support Tracker has been introduced as a standalone piece of software that landlords of any size can use to record, track, evaluate and demonstrate the impact of each of their individual tenant and community projects. Since the introduction of the Social Value Act (2012) some housing associations have struggled to find a simple and easy way to record and evaluate the social value of their programmes. This piece of software was developed in response to customer demand and can help you solve exactly those issues.

Survey Tracker is a multi-method survey tool, again delivered as a standalone piece of software, which is linked to your existing database. Responding to tenants’ feedback in a timely and efficient manner and using that feedback to improve service delivery, is a key goal of all housing associations. This software allows you to do just that; by creating your own surveys, tracking individuals’ feedback journeys, resolving complaints more effectively and using analysis tools to gain service delivery insights.

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