Last Updated on April 7, 2014
Category: All, Community Support, Customer Engagement, Social Housing

HACT-logoMany housing professionals will be delighted that HACT took on the challenge of creating a national standard set of Community Investment Values which they have now released.

HACT published 53 different indicators covering: Employment (12), Local environment (10), Health (7), Financial inclusion (8), Youth (5), Social groups (2), Sports (7) and Other (2) categories. Each indicator has 12 values covering four different age groups (<15, 25-49, 50+ or Unknown) in each of three different regions (London, Outside London and Overall UK).

The use of these values is licenced by the authors* and Arena Partnership will be able to include these in Tracker for calculating the social impact of participation activities, personal support programmes or community investments. By comparing the total value of inputs with the social value of outputs, Tracker users will now have a simple means of calculating the social return on their investments based on national standard values.

*The Social Value Bank is published by HACT ( and Daniel Fujiwara ( For licencing requirements see

If you are interested in integrating these new measures into your existing Tracker reporting or want to better understand how to maximise the benefits they will provide, please contact the Support team by calling +44 (0)1603 813 932 or Email: