Last Updated on April 7, 2014
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Community Gateway Association (CGA) in Preston has been using Tracker Survey Services for a number of years to conduct their annual STAR Survey and prepare a detailed analysis of their response data and trends over time.

They quickly recognised the advantages of managing all customer feedback surveys in a coordinated way and have been reaping the rewards Tracker delivers for some time.  These advantages include focussing on key drivers of performance and resident satisfaction; standardising questions and formats; controlling survey numbers to obtain statistically reliable data without excess cost; integrating data collection with their tenant database for profiling responses and recording participation; and avoiding subjecting residents to ‘survey fatigue’.

CGA recently selected to add the Feedback Module to their Tracker Suite which Sonya Roberts, Customer Insight Officer, says will be: “A really simple way to pull all our survey management tasks together into a central system and provide staff with easy access to the key insights they need.”

CGA anticipates that they will need a suite of just 13 service-specific surveys plus their annual STAR Survey to provide all the key customer insights they need. The next step is for the organisation to decide on the range of survey methodologies to use and they believe it will be essential to provide a range of options which match the preferences expressed by their residents. Postal will probably remain the most popular for some time yet, but telephone, text and online are likely to all play a part in the future.

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