Last Updated on April 7, 2014
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C&C is a registered social landlord providing housing to frail and active older people through sheltered housing and care homes.  It has just joined the Tracker Users Network having enthusiastically integrated Tracker into ‘the way they do things’ following their initial set up and training in March.

“We have an existing housing management system which meets our core needs in terms of storing resident information and handling rent and repair information, but we also wanted to add new functionality and capabilities to improve and enhance our services and reporting,” explained Chris Robinson, Resident Engagement Manager at C&C.

“An independent consultant working with our resident scrutiny panel suggested that Tracker would be a good addition so we pursued it and first impressions are that it will deliver some significant benefits for us.”

“We have been pumping and priming data in Tracker and configuring the system over the past few weeks to enable us to set some meaningful benchmarks in preparation for the new financial year. My team have had the training and will be rolling out its use to staff throughout C&C through our ‘keep on tracking’ road shows over the coming weeks.

In particular we see the ability to capture attendance of events and activities, including meetings, alongside objectives and resulting outcomes as a means of driving measureable results and a performance culture.”

C&C is predominantly based in London but also has properties in Luton, Berkshire and the Midlands.  C&C aims to improve the quality of life for its resident through seeking their involvement in specifying, shaping and scrutinising the service they receive.  Their innovative Creative Arts Programme has received particular recognition and is one of a range of activities they will be tracking with their new software. Their strategic focus is to work with older people and their residents and service users include:

  • Frail older people requiring personal care or care with nursing
  • People living with dementia
  • Active older people living in sheltered and extra care housing
  • People with mental health support needs

We plan to return to C&C later in 2014 and let you know how the new implementation is going and what they are achieving with Tracker. In the meantime we wish them all the best but will still be on-hand to provide further ongoing technical support as required.

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