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2017 TPTracker Free Updates Announced

The latest FREE updates to TPTracker software will be released in May and June 2017. These will include improvements to the Login process and the Profiles Module making it quicker to login, easier to navigate and giving you even more options for profiling your database.
Version 2017.1 releasing late May 2017
V.2017.1 Upgrade User guide
There will be no need to select ‘Group’, just enter your email and password and TPTracker will recognise you and direct you to the correct site.

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Stop trying to delight your customers

An article by the Harvard Business School challenges the idea that 'Overall Satisfaction' is the most appropriate target to use when measuring service delivery standards. Should you be trying to delight your customers?

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Wealden District Council chooses TPTracker

Wealden District Council’s Housing Service has chosen TPTracker as its preferred solution for a Tenant/Resident Participation IT system, enabling them to contact, manage and record participation with their tenants and other residents in the district.

Standardising outcome measures

The Communities Team at Plymouth Community Homes is using the TPTracker Support package to ensure records of activities, costs, staff time, client impact and overall outcomes are standardised across all programmes.

Changing needs / changing software

The Customer and Community Engagement Team at Stockport Homes used TPTracker Participation module for many years, but changing priorities and reporting requirements meant the Support package would meet their needs better.

Online surveys show lower satisfaction

Survey responses obtained online are showing generally lower levels of satisfaction than those obtained by other methods. The latest 'TPTracker Report' investigates whether this is simply, as one might assume, due to more younger people responding online.

New survey dashboard in TPTracker

A new widget has been added to the TPTracker Survey Dashboard which gives users the flexibility to choose the questions/questionnaires they wish to display: